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Measure What Matters: Re-Certifying as a B Corp

I had barely gotten settled at my desk as a new B Keeper when the deadline for our re-certification appeared on the horizon. I assumed that answering a catalog of questions and providing some documentation could hardly take more than a month. Obviously, I had never gone through the process! To make things more complicated,

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Defining Patient Experience: Extended Reading for the Overachiever

Whether one is a nurse practitioner or a VP of Patient Experience, these reading recommendations will provide further color to last week’s article differentiating patient satisfaction and patient experience. We believe improving patient experience is critical, and the following articles are meant to contribute to that larger conversation, particularly around the benefits and drawbacks of using patient satisfaction to measure patient experience.

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Replacing Google Search Appliance: 4 Reasons to think outside the box

Google announced earlier this year that it is sunsetting its first business-centered product: The Google Search Appliance (GSA). Maybe you knew this day would come, but it doesn’t make the reality any less complicated. Companies everywhere are left wondering: what do we do now?

Launched in 2002, GSA brought Google search smarts to business database and site search. Not only was it smart, but GSA was secure. Google’s peppy, little (once purple) yellow boxes sat nicely in companies’ server trays, promising speed and security. While it has largely been both, Google is acknowledging with this pivot that the future of site and database search is cloud-based.

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Download our Free eBook: How to Convert Consumers to Loyal Patients

Providers and doctors can often develop tunnel vision, focusing too heavily on patient volume, rather than patient experience. Read our eBook to see how loyal patient relationships can actually be built way before patients walk through a doctor’s office door. It all starts with patients’ online searching and the patient experience on a provider’s website.

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Now that you have patients on your website, it’s time to give them a voice

Woody Allen once quipped that “eighty percent of success is showing up.” While it’s unclear whether Woody was talking about Google’s Zero Moment of Truth, he should have been.

Studies have shown that healthcare consumers spend two weeks researching before booking an appointment, visiting multiple websites along the way, typically found via search engine queries. If a healthcare provider wants to convert these consumers, a huge part of that success is getting consumers to land onto that healthcare website during their research. This is done by simply showing up.

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So you want to be an Impact Maker? Top 8 reasons to work at !m

We are a unique company, any way you dissect it! We are changing the way companies do business and are out to make a serious difference. If you don’t already know our disruptive business model, check out the video below. As a consulting firm, we are in the business of attracting and retaining top talent. […]

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