Our Culture

Fundamental to a great company is a vibrant culture.  Our culture comes from our commitment to living our values, and in providing a purposeful experience in all of our interactions – with our employees, clients and community partners.

Our Clients Benefit from the Triple Bottom Line

Our clients not only achieve their business goals via the work of a team of experienced consultants but also contribute directly to the welfare of their community through Impact Makers’ contribution of profits to our nonprofit partners. It is a Win-Win-Win-Win proposition!

Clients Win: Clients get premium consulting and first rate project delivery to satisfy critical business needs. While at the same time, they participate in social consciousness, both in a direct financial contribution to Impact Makers’ partners and by supporting the Impact Makers’ business model.

Employees Win: Impact Makers professionals get to do something they really care about while earning top wages for their valuable experience, skills and training. In addition to financial contributions, employees are given time each week to devote to direct, hands-on work with our nonprofit partners. The resulting increased job satisfaction enables Impact Makers to attract top candidates and to retain its employees longer than others in an industry where human capital and employee retention are of utmost value.

Community Service Partners Win: The nonprofit partners get a recurring, sustainable income that frees precious resources previously consumed by fundraising and re-focuses them directly on services to the community.

Society Wins: Society gets a working model of business success blended with social responsibility. When business, societal and individual needs converge, a powerful model emerges to challenge the way things are commonly done.

Our Philosophy on Diversity and Inclusion

At Impact Makers, we recognize that diverse backgrounds, experiences and cultures strengthen our work and our workplace. We strive to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace through greater recognition, understanding and appreciation of a broad range of differences among individuals and groups within society and to incorporate this broad perspective in our work and interactions.

Our corporate philosophy on diversity and inclusion is more encompassing than traditional concepts. At Impact Makers diversity and inclusion manifests itself in the fact that we recognize the value of differences such as age, gender, identity, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, geographic background, national origin, educational attainment, physical and/or mental ability, socio-economic background/status, and family status add to the workplace. We also value differences in work style and approach to decision-making.

We strive for this expanded form of diversity and inclusion at all levels within our organization. As we live out our values daily, we encourage our team to accept these differences among ourselves and with others, and to maintain an awareness of the impact that these differences can have on our ability to make the directed impact internally, with our clients and within the community.
Virginia Values Veterans Official Certified Company

We are a certified V3 Company: The V3 community is represented by a wide range of industries across the Commonwealth of Virginia. Impact Makers is a loyal member of this community. We realize the business value that veterans bring to our company and we have made a public commitment to attract and retain additional members of the Veteran community.

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