Big Data

Build solutions that are scalable, efficient, and robust via battle-tested design patterns


Many organizations today struggle with legacy solutions and first-generation data analytics platforms. They also desire to take advantage of the cost-savings, flexibility, and new business opportunities offered by the cloud and advanced analytics while ensuring their sensitive data is protected. At the same time data volume, velocity and variety have outpaced and stretched these first-generation Big Data solutions beyond their current capabilities. Modernization initiatives aimed at revamping these platforms stall indefinitely or ultimately fail because of poor data strategy, lack of the right in-house data talent, and ineffective solutions.


We leverage advanced technologies, battle-tested design patterns, and proprietary technology accelerators  to design and build modern data analytic platforms that are highly accessible, compliant and accelerate data analytics modernization/migration initiative. In contrast to technology-led solutions, we blend both strategic advisory and technology to align specific business demands with effective and proven solutions that drive business outcomes.

IM acts as force multipliers by embedding seasoned big data architecture with deep domain expertise across the full data stack into your core team to ensure a faster and more successful execution of big data initiatives.


Data Pipeline Tools (Streaming & Batch) 

  • Apache NiFi 
  • Apache StreamSets 
  • Apache Airflow 
  • AWS Data Pipeline 
  • AWS Glue 
  • AWS Data Pipeline 


Hadoop Distrution 

  • Hortonworks 
  • Cloudera 


Data Warehouse 

  • Amazon Redshift 
  • Snowflake Data Warehouse 
  • Google BigQuery 


Distributed SQL Query Engine 

  • Presto 
  • Amazon Athena 
  • Apache Hive 


Message Broker  

  • Apache Kafka 
  • AWS Kinesis 

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