Best Practices for Delivering Value from Modern Data Ecosystems


Are you a business leader trying to mature an enterprise drowning in data? Perhaps you’re a data leader looking to harness the untapped potential that lies within your company data. We’ve helped many clients on these journeys and have resources to show how a modern data ecosystem can deliver business value.

Resource #1:  Impact Makers Data Architecture Leaders present  “Delivering Business Value with a Modern Data Ecosystem”. In this webinar they detail how you can achieve rapid, incremental delivery of business value through data strategy, data ecosystem architecture, data vault and automation.

Resource #2:

Our recent white-paper “The playbook for Modern Data Ecosystems: A Play-By-Play Guide for Constructing an Agile Data Ecosystem That Accelerates Data-Driven Value”. Inside you’ll find the answers to important questions like:

  • Why you need a data strategy
  • What are the essential components to a successful data strategy?
  • What steps to take to build a modern data ecosystem?
  • What are best practices when building a modern data ecosystem?
  • What is data vault and agile analytics?

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