Join us for Capital Kanban: Listen for a Change – Scaling Listening for Organizational Transformation

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Connections support innovation. Join us April 23 at the Impact Makers office for the next Capital Kanban to learn how generous listening can create continuous improvement. Andrea Ross and Carla Ford are giving a sneak peek into their upcoming Lean Kanban Global Summit 2019 talk.

Listen for a Change – Scaling Listening for Organizational Transformation

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Tuesday, April 23, 2019 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Impact Makers
3200 Rockbridge Street, Suite 201
Richmond, Virginia 23230

If you can’t make it to Lean Kanban Global Summit this year, you are in luck. Andrea Ross and Carla Ford are giving a sneak peak of the talk they are delivering later this year. The Meetup starts at 6:00 with time for noshing and networking. The presentation will begin at 6:30.


Listen for a Change – Scaling Listening for Organizational Transformation

As agents of change, we understand that meaningful, lasting transformation occurs in a safe, respectful context. An important component of such an environment is the ability to connect and communicate in a way that supports innovation. In this session, you will learn how generous listening is a major contributor in creating that environment. By transforming the quality of listening from ‘competitive verbal jousting’ to ‘listening with a willingness to be changed,’ we can as individuals contribute at a high level to creating the climate needed to support a culture of Continuous Improvement.

Speaker Bios

Andrea Ross, is an ambassador of Continuous Improvement. She has integrated her 30 years as an IT professional, 5 years as a Dialogue Practitioner, and 2 years as a Lean Facilitator to become an agent of positive change in organizations. Most notably, she served as a leader in the successful transformation of a 13,000-employee organization from a culture of command and control to become a learning organization which then translated into a dramatic improvement in service delivery. Andrea is a trained Dialogue Practitioner and one of the founding members of the US Academy of Professional Dialogue

Carla Ford has extensive experience in Organizational Listening. Early in her career she worked as Assistant Vice President and Relationship Manager with a major regional bank where she was a liaison between corporate headquarters and distributed divisions. She also facilitated the smooth transitions of multiple consolidations and acquisitions. Carla went on to obtain her Masters in Community/Clinical Psychology, which helped her make sense of the world of business. Armed with this new understanding of human behavior, she went to work with the Department of Corrections where she served as a Staff Psychologist in a prison for death row inmates. She attributes this experience with teaching her the most about listening at all levels and dimensions. She then began working as a leader in large-scale organizational transformations. First was to transition staff from a ‘Lock them up and throw away the key’ mindset to a ‘rehabilitation’ mindset. Next, she was a leader in the department’s long-term cultural transformation from a command and control culture to a learning organization. This included opening up new channels of communications and building communication networks rather than hierarchies. These were formidable shifts in mindsets, rich with learning and experience that can apply to all culture shifting including Lean/Agile.

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