Business Strategy Alignment


21 Oct: Implementing Mission-Critical Software

Perlman+Perlman (Perlman) provides comprehensive legal advice to the philanthropic enterprises. In its role as a state registration and compliance service provider, Perlman manages all state filings for nonprofits.

Doctor holding a stethoscope in his hand. Doctor talking

10 Jul: Program & Project Management

Impact Makers built and executed a large transformational program for the 3rd largest wholesale foods distributor in the U.S.. With over $12 billion in annual revenue, they needed to re-evaluate and restructure their overall business platform using the Working Together Through Systems (WTTS) program in order to ensure continued success and growth of their company after multiple, major acquisitions. After several attempts at running a Business Transformation Program office, the client decided to seek out alternative providers to assist with enterprise transformation.

Doctor holding a stethoscope in his hand. Doctor talking

10 Jul: Healthcare IT Rescue

Impact Makers turned a faltering Electronic Health Records project to a quality of care success for the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services. The $39M project, named OneMind, had an objective of enabling health care providers (physicians, psychologists, nurses, social workers, nurses’ aides, dieticians, etc.) to have accurate and complete information about a patient’s health and provide the most effective coordinated care possible.

Doctor holding a stethoscope in his hand. Doctor talking

10 Jul: Regionally Standardizing IT

A national organization comprised of several semi-independent regional offices providing mission critical services to thousands of businesses needed to standardize IT services across all internal IT environments to improve security, development and operational workflows. The organization needed to transition from a traditional hierarchical organizational structure to a more engaging, secure, stable and productive environment; however, it faced significant distrust and disengagement in the workforce, which put the entire project at risk.