04 Sep: Impact Makers – Journal Entry #2 , “What’s Past is Present”

One of the challenges in having discussions around diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is in how deeply personal the conversations can be.  The words “systemic racism”, “white supremacy”, “white privilege”, etc. carry a lot of weight.  It is easy to become defensive; I know I have at times.  But in order to engage in discussions around race, I need to not take things personally. As a white male, I need to understand that society is not trying to punish or blame me.

Ways to Stand

25 Jun: Ways To Stand in Solidarity

At Impact Makers, we recognize that our actions alone will not address the systemic issues of racial injustice, but we also know we each must be participants in this movement in order to activate change. What is happening is a collective call to action and below are a few ways we can each independently promote equity and work towards a more fair and just world.

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18 Jun: Impact Makers Stands Against Racial Injustice

The world around us continues to make seismic shifts. We have all witnessed, with disgust and horror, the tragic murder of Mr. George Floyd. In the last couple of months, we have also witnessed the senseless deaths of Mr. Ahmaud Arbury and Ms. Breonna Taylor. It is beyond words. The violence and lack of humanity is too much to bear, and the systemic racism that perpetuates the social injustice and economic inequities must end. It’s not good enough for us to say we are not racist, we must be against racism and take action.

Community Impact

27 May: Community Impact During the Pandemic

If there’s a silver lining to be found in the pandemic, it’s that it has underscored the innate good in people. This was evident in the outpouring of support from both an individual and corporate level. It was clear when google shared that the phrase ‘How to Help Others” was up over 3600% by the last week of March.