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14 May: COVID-19 Funding for the Public Sector: What’s Left?

When the CARES Act passed on March 27, 2020, an impressive $2 trillion became steadily available as federal relief and stimulus trickled out to the American people. Rampant discussion has followed the publication of these 800+ pages in attempts to simplify and guide the country toward all the opportunities to secure pieces of these funds; however, much of this discussion has been as overwhelming as the original act itself.

Kim Moore, Senior Consultant, State and Local Government Solutions

10 Oct: Spotlight on Women of Impact Makers: Kim Moore, Senior Consultant – State and Local Government Solutions

Here at Impact Makers, we like to shine a light on the incredible people we are lucky enough to call coworkers and friends. Today, we explore the life and career of an incredible woman who has recently been serving as a leader on a massive engagement with dozens of individuals reporting up to her and depending on her guidance.