rvatech summit data science Mar 14, 2019

13 Feb: Join Us at the rvatech/Summit on Data Science

Organizations of all sizes are tasked to do more with less. That’s why it’s important that IT has innovative strategies to provide meaningful insights to get ahead of the game. Since 1989, rvatech has fostered a network of tech leaders in central Virginia to understand the key IT challenges, the latest trends and solutions. Impact Makers is a sponsor of the inaugural rvatech/summit on Data Science, happening March 14, 2019 at the Science Museum of Virginia. The Data Science Summit will have a bevy of speakers discussing the practical implications of data science for enterprise organizations and actual solutions to promote enterprise agility.

azure bootcamp group photo copy

24 May: What We Learned from MS Azure Bootcamp

The brain power was palpable. We hosted the Global Azure Bootcamp at our space in Richmond, Virginia, and the attendees were ready to tackle some big cloud issues during breakouts and presentations.

We asked attendees to fill out a survey about their cloud adoption and implementation journeys, as well as their top challenges. They revealed themes that are reminiscent of trends we’ve seen in our clients’ cloud journeys.