Impact Makers on the My Career Fit Podcast

Impact Makers on the My Career Fit Podcast on Alexa

My Career Fit PodcastIf you want to learn more about Impact Makers or you’re in the job market, check out the podcast MyCareerFit. You can follow My Career Fit on Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. It’s the first employer-branded, job-search voice assistant. Launch either the Alexa Skill or Google Assistant Action and say “Tell me about Impact Makers” or “Tell me about jobs at Impact Makers.”

Caring Deeply & Making a Lasting Impact with Impact Makers CEO Lewis Broome

Listen in as our CEO Lewis Broome explains how Impact Makers’ model allows us to care deeply and make a lasting impact for our clients.

Data & Analytics Services with Practice Lead Tara Mason

Recently Tara Mason, our Data & Analytics practice lead was interviewed by MyCareerFit. Listen in to learn about which professional skills are most valuable to our Data team. Our Data Consultants enable data-driven business capabilities through modern data platforms and smart use of BI and data science.

Cyber Security & Risk Management Consulting with Practice Lead Chris Tignor

Our Cyber Security & Risk Management Lead Chris Tignor talks about the security disciplines in highest demand from clients, and the kind of consultants he’s looking to hire. Check it out.

Enterprise Agility Consulting with Practice Lead Tom Mullen

Our Enterprise Agility Lead talks about our agility practice and what makes potential job seekers a good fit at Impact Makers. Listen.

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Impact Makers on the My Career Fit Podcast on Alexa

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