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31 Jul: The New Normal

Much more than a disruption, the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing a new reality. Beyond the heavy toll on lives, families and businesses, this pandemic will leave a lasting mark on what we value, and how we interact with one another in our communities. The long-term impact on business will also be profound. To succeed in the next normal, enterprises have to utilize the opportunities that lay before them.


29 Jul: Supercharge Your IT Strategy by Breaking Down Business Capabilities

Every organization has a purpose, whether it be a charity serving a community, a technology firm creating a new product, a start-up raising funds, or a healthcare facility improving the lives of their patients. Organizations often find it’s easy to state your purpose, but it’s not always as simple to serve your purpose. For organizations to achieve what they’ve set out to do, they must develop strategies to inform their plan and set the stage for execution, change, and ultimately, success.

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20 Jul: Selecting a Security Controls Framework? Here’s where to start.

Interested in building a security controls framework or part of an organization that wants a robust information security program but doesn’t know where to start? You’re not alone. And on top of that, there are a host of frameworks and controls libraries to choose from, but you need to know which ones are best for your organization.