24 Jan: Data Mesh: Delivering Analytical Data Products at the Speed of Business

In early 2021, Mission Lane, a new and rapidly growing credit card company based in Richmond, VA, and San Francisco, CA, was facing issues with scale in their centralized data architecture. Guided by Impact Makers, Mission Lane overcame their challenges by implementing a federated—or Data Mesh—approach to their data strategy. Transitioning to a decentralized architecture allowed Mission Lane to eliminate bottlenecks in their data systems and has delivered tangible business value from day one.

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19 Jan: Advanced Analytics Marketing Solutions

As a marketing professional, you see the opportunity: Accelerate value to your business and customers through data-driven marketing strategies and tactics. The industry talks about it. The martech solution providers talk about it. But how do you get started quickly – without a huge software spend and 9+ month implementation project? Impact Makers advanced analytics consulting solutions help organizations accelerate their journey to data-driven marketing