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20 Jan: The Playbook for Modern Data Ecosystems

Let’s face it; the business world is drowning in data. As a data leader, the immeasurable value that remains untapped from your organization’s sea of data is likely an exciting and equally overwhelming subject to contemplate. With most enterprise organizations clocking in at over 200 cloud-based applications supporting their operations and collecting data, managing the flow of that data and producing meaningful insights amounts to a titanic responsibility.

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30 Jul: Moving to the Cloud – A 2 Part Educational Series

Cloud computing is one of the most transformational technologies available to business leaders today. From the cloud springs innovation, speed, cost savings and better customer experience. Cloud computing can mean running software remotely over the Internet, but it also describes how it works: virtual resources, from raw computing power to application functionality, all available on demand.


14 Jul: Accelerating Digital Transformation Through Enterprise Automation

Enterprise Automation can transform the speed and quality of your services, growing profits. Automate menial tasks so that your team can focus on more high-value capabilities, and apply automation to your business challenges to innovate and create new solutions. Reduced costs and increased intelligence aren’t the only benefits your enterprise will enjoy. Get to know the world of enterprise automation with our series on the topic.

03 Jul: Cloud-Based Desktop Solution for Remote Workers

It’s common that a company’s core systems are monolithic and not available via the public web. To achieve work-from-home capability with a variety of systems whether Windows, Linux, vendor COTS, etc., consider one of the following architecture patterns for desktop as a service (DaaS) that we discuss in this breakdown.