Through “De Facto Merger”, Former Deputy Secretary of Technology Anthony Fung joins Impact Makers to Expand Robotic Process Automation Offerings

The Richmond-based technology consultancy Impact Makers is joining forces with Amplitude9, a digital solutions company founded by Anthony Fung, to expand Robotic Process Automation services. The deal will bolster RPA services throughout Virginia as two of the biggest local names in the technology solutions field team up to provide expanded capabilities that better serve the public sector. The deal goes into effect April 27, 2022. 

“Combining Amplitude9 and Impact Makers will help more organizations increase employee job satisfaction, customer value, and organizational efficiencies by delivering RPA and artificial intelligence solutions,” said Fung. “With Amplitude9’s RPA and AI expertise and Impact Makers’ broad customer base and complementary expertise converging, scaling adoption and time to value will increase significantly.”

Tony Fung
Tony Fung

Through the deal, Impact Makers will takeover Amplitude9’s existing RPA service delivery, leaving Amplitude9 as a product company that will license its intellectual property to Impact Makers and others for RPA services. The change will simplify RPA delivery among Virginia’s public sector and others as buyers will now have one, more powerful, option when looking for RPA solutions.

As part of the de facto merger between the two companies, three-time CEO Fung will join Impact Makers’ Executive Team as Vice President of Client Intelligent Automation Solutions. Formerly the Deputy Secretary of Technology for the Commonwealth of Virginia, Fung brings 25 years of experience in Information Technology with a focus on government and civic technology challenges. 

“We couldn’t be more excited to have Tony on our executive team,” said Impact Makers Founder and CEO Micheal Pirron. “His background in providing technology solutions to government institutions and nonprofits is unmatched and we are confident that this partnership will result in improved solutions and more robust RPA offerings.”

Impact Makers has been expanding into RPA as part of its mission to better the community through improved technology services. With Fung spearheading Impact Makers’ RPA initiatives, they will be able to make RPA a primary offering. 

“By joining forces with Impact Makers, we can unlock more potential for the people of Virginia when it comes to leveraging technology to improve service delivery and improve outcomes for citizens,” said Fung, who currently serves as Chief Executive Officer for Amplitude9.

The goal of RPA is to enable workers to focus on higher-level thinking by removing repetitive or mundane tasks from their to-do list. When utilized in the public sector, agencies can increase productivity and improve public services.

“RPA is the modern worker’s assistant, helping them achieve more,” Pirron said. “We want to equip our public servants with RPA so they can better serve our communities. It’s part of our mission to do so.”

As a public benefit corporation, Impact Makers exists to give back. Owned by two local nonprofit organizations – The Community Foundation and Virginia Community Capital – the company not only provides services that aid clients in government, healthcare, and finance, but its profits go directly back to the community. It is the hope of both Impact Makers and Amplitude9 that through this deal Virginia’s public servants will be better equipped to serve their constituents and improve the well-being of Virginia’s citizens.

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