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rvatech summit data science Mar 14, 2019

Organizations of all sizes are tasked to do more with less. That’s why it’s important that IT has innovative strategies to provide meaningful insights to get ahead of the game. Since 1989, rvatech has fostered a network of tech leaders in central Virginia to understand the key IT challenges, the latest trends and solutions. Impact Makers is a sponsor of the inaugural rvatech/summit on Data Science, happening March 14, 2019 at the Science Museum of Virginia. The Data Science Summit will have a bevy of speakers discussing the practical implications of data science for enterprise organizations and actual solutions to promote enterprise agility.

Close the Literacy Divide through Human-centered Design Approaches

Businesses need to start teaching data science as a second languageImpact Makers’ own, Tessa McKenzie, Data Storyteller, will be part of an afternoon User Experience (UX) panel that will focus on the why, what and how of UX design. Tessa will address data literacy challenges that organizations and users face and how to close the literacy divide through human-centered design approaches.

According to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, data literacy, at an individual level, is the “ability to read work with, analyze and argue” with information.  “[B]y 2020, 50% of organizations will lack sufficient AI and data literacy skills to achieve business value” according to Gartner’s Kasey Panetta who posits that businesses need to start teaching data as a second language. Tessa will discuss how UX designers and other data users can elevate literacy by breathing life into the data through story and rigor into the story through trust-worthy data.

At Impact Makers, we help our clients use data-driven tools to unleash the power of data. Data-driven storytelling is just one of our many solutions. Want to learn more about our approach to data storytelling? Check out our Data Storytelling cheat sheet.

Want to connect to other Richmond tech leaders? Join us at the rvatech/summit on Data Science. Check out the agenda, the speakers and get your ticket today!

Tessa McKenzie, Data Consultant

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