Chaos Engineering Blog 201904

01 May: Chaos Engineering: Deliberately Sabotage your Systems

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), microservices, and cloud best practices can result in the creation of loosely coupled complex systems with many potential points-of-failure. At Impact Makers, we observe many customers dealing with service outages, which are difficult to diagnose and more importantly, difficult to recover from quickly. Service outages have significant financial impact; therefore, it is incumbent upon software architects and engineers to find ways to prove the systems we build and deploy make it easy to detect and recover from failures.

Infrastructure as Code DevSecOps

03 Apr: Infrastructure-As-Code in the Cloud & Why it Matters in DevSecOps

Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) is the practice of defining templates that can be used to provision technology infrastructure to support software and applications. Traditionally, physical hardware configuration of network switches/routers, servers, network-attached storage, etc. has been a time-consuming and difficult task that not only was prone to human error—but was also not easily repeatable. Even after the advent of virtualization and the automated software configuration revolution, technology infrastructure was still built on a backbone of (usually) manually-managed hypervisors overseen by IT operations staff.