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CCPA California Consumer Privacy Act

06 Jan: CCPA Versus the Data-powered Internet: The now-active law is a burdensome yet necessary step in data privacy

Wednesday marked the beginning of a new decade, and perhaps the beginning of a new era in digital, as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) went into effect as law. While the CCPA’s statutes are overly burdensome for today’s data-powered Internet economy, the law is a necessary step in restoring balance of power and trust across Internet behemoths, consumers and legislators.

Chaos Engineering Blog 201904

01 May: Chaos Engineering: Deliberately Sabotage your Systems

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), microservices, and cloud best practices can result in the creation of loosely coupled complex systems with many potential points-of-failure. At Impact Makers, we observe many customers dealing with service outages, which are difficult to diagnose and more importantly, difficult to recover from quickly. Service outages have significant financial impact; therefore, it is incumbent upon software architects and engineers to find ways to prove the systems we build and deploy make it easy to detect and recover from failures.

RPA Robotic Process Automation

16 Jan: Choosing the Best Business Fit for RPA

Robotic Process Automation – using bots instead of associates to perform processing tasks – can be an effective way to increase speed and accuracy while redeploying associates on higher-value processes and projects. RPA implementations are commonplace across financial services and healthcare, as both industries have a disparate mix of non-integrated systems and data-intensive processes. However, RPA as a solution has finite value and should be compared against more strategic solutions such as true machine learning, BPMS and microservices integration.

Hacking OCM Social Media

15 Mar: Transformation Without OCM is Wishful Thinking

What is your reaction when you hear about a hack? Maybe “hacker” elicits thoughts of a sinister group of computer experts in a fortified basement committing acts of espionage and cyberwarfare. Hacking is frequently associated with illegally gaining access to critical personal, organizational, or government information. Oh yes, and of course, dark hoodies. It’s obviously very cold in the basement.