Ways To Stand in Solidarity

Ways to Stand

Ways to Stand in Solidarity with the Black Community

At Impact Makers, we recognize that our actions alone will not address the systemic issues of racial injustice, but we also know we each must be participants in this movement in order to activate change. What is happening is a collective call to action and below are a few ways we can each independently promote equity and work towards a more fair and just world.

We approach the following suggestions with humility and we accept that while the problem is clear, the answers are complex. As a group of people committed to building and fostering community, the team at Impact Makers understands we have an opportunity to listen more, learn more, and do more – we resolve to continually seek ways to do better to maximize our impact and effect meaningful change.

We’ve assembled resources and tips that have been shared by others and have resonated with others to use as a force for good.

Check in with black employees, colleagues, and leaders and learn from them how you can offer support.

Educate yourself through these anti-racism resources from allies by allies, including parent resources.

Get comfortable with discomfort.

Use your voice. Speak up and name those injustices you see happening in front of you.

Call out bigotry and hate speech.

Stand up for people being harassed and intervene if it’s safe to do so.

Hire, promote and support black professionals.

Directly support local black-owned businesses, black creators and artists. The Nile List is a great resource.

Teach children about human rights – about race, justice and equality.

Work to elevate black voices and perspectives rather than your own.

Donate to causes that support communities of color. Cocatalyst has pledged to match donations to a range of charities through to the end of August.

Sign a petition, here is a BLM document considered a master list of petitions, funds, and ways to educate yourself.

Register to vote and support voter rights.

Show solidarity on social through reading and sharing resources. For example, read and share about microagressions.

Commit to continued self-improvement, ongoing listening and constant learning.

Discuss anti-racism within your network – engage in uncomfortable dialogue to broaden your horizons and share your insights.

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