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Business Solutions During COVID-19


We are committed to strengthening our community by leveraging our IT consulting expertise to provide business solutions during the COVID pandemic.

We recognize the inherent challenges in keeping teams connected, collaborative, and productive while operating remotely. We’ve drawn from our deep experience in technology infrastructure and enterprise agility to build resources for you with best practices to ensure your people and organization can navigate this emergent situation with minimal business disruption.

Business Solutions for Remote Operations & Agile Delivery

The following Impact Makers resources provide guidance on how to use cloud technology to create remote desktop environments while mitigating operational risk, as well as how to continue to run Agile programs without being co-located.

Fundamental Risk Management Questions During COVID-19

Organizations with limited or outdated business continuity plans can consider the following questions in their transition to remote operations:

  • Which services and functions are essential to our business?
  • Which of these functions may expose our customers and workers to increased risk of contracting COVID-19?
  • Can any of these services and functions be deferred, if only temporarily?
  • What do we need to do to deliver functions with fewer or remote workers or through alternate channels?
  • Do you have the technical and cloud capacity needed to support your full staff remotely?
  • Is your staff trained on all remote work tools?
  • Do you have communication rules set in place to support remote teams?
  • Have you validated all required applications and other resources will be available to support remote work?
  • Are you sure remote workers “work areas” meet legal and regulatory requirements?

As a B Corp, the belief that we have a responsibility to our communities is at the core of everything we do and serves as our North Star. Our technical depth and strong business acumen uniquely position us to provide risk management support during COVID-19. Our consultants are here to help reduce the friction of adopting new tools and technologies, to ensure your people are positioned for productivity, and to guide your organization in implementing a risk management plan with minimal disruption.

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