Case Study:

Establishing Bank Data Governance for Scale and Regulatory Compliance

We helped a growing regional bank implement data governance policies to increase data maturity and comply with strict industry regulations.

Client’s Challenge

With 43 banking offices spanning North Carolina and Virginia, our client, a growing regional bank, offers a competitive array of business and personal finance services. Upon conducting internal assessment projects, our client faced data governance issues, including:

  • Increased regulatory scrutiny as the bank has grown in recent years
  • Need to assess data environment to prepare for regulators
  • Lack of business executive support for data program (i.e. the business wants data insights without realizing everything that goes into managing it)
  • Data consumption is a “hub-and-spoke” model, where IT owns EDW and business users produce reporting and analysis
  • Need for advanced analytics and AI capabilities

Our Approach

  • Evaluate client’s entire data footprint, including applications, databases, infrastructure and reporting across finance, business intelligence, and IT
  • Conduct interviews with data team to understand key business data drivers and challenges
  • Identify and document key data governance gaps including lack of clear roles and responsibilities, lack of business involvement in data governance, and security concerns
  • Develop prioritized roadmap and data governance program plan supported by business case justification

Skills and Technologies Leveraged

Data Governance, Microsoft Azure, PowerBI, BIC

Financial Services

IM Services

The Results

  • Developed first generation data governance policy to demonstrate commitment to data governance from the regulators
  • Executive understanding of current enterprise data governance maturity, gaps, and data drivers of operational excellence
  • Provided a framework to self-assess data governance maturity and track progress
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