Ecommerce Web Content Management System Implementation

In an increasingly competitive industry one of the country’s largest medical supply distributor’s digital marketing team was struggling to achieve tactical and strategic goals due to a poorly implemented web content management system.

Image of digital content work

Client’s Challenge

The clients digital team was hampered by a poorly implemented Content Management System (CMS).  The CMS prevented real time content publishing, didn’t support contemporary content management practices, bloated the team’s content approval workflow and required hours worth of rework.

Perhaps the biggest challenge was the ongoing situation prevented developing and executing a wholistic digital strategy, which left the door open to disparate digital properties with incongruous goals and KPI’s.

The situation left the digital team members frustrated and business segment managers bewildered that they couldn’t get the supported they expected.

Impact Maker’s Solution

  • Assessed organizational needs:
    • Total Cost of Ownership with considerations for implementation and on-going support
    • Ease of use for a maturing and growing digital team
    • Technical fit for an enterprise with big plans for their Ecommerce platform
    • Deployed 4 unique CMS environments for hands-on stakeholder demonstrations and feedback
  • Implemented Enterprise grade WordPress CMS:
    • in Microsoft Azure App Service Cloud Environment
    • Scaled and optimized for performance and budget
  • Integrated via API platform:
    • Provided content to custom ElasticSearch search functionality
    • Provided marketing content to be cross promoted with product catalog
  • Implemented functionality to pull data for 200,000+ products into marketing site
  • Architected site to support dynamic content
    • including automated pages driven by content blocks and numerous tagging taxonomies
    • ready for the next phase in maturity, serving personalized content
  • Custom visual design theming and templating to convey client’s strong brand and promote unique user experience
  • Leverage Agile Scrum to accelerate work and collaborate on solution

Impact and Results

  • Decreased content deployments from 7 days to one click
  • Decreased marketing reliance and workload on client’s IT department
  • Public availability of product catalog allows client to expand on product focused value proposition
  • Open source CMS provided tools to make up for weak SEO skillsets
  • Platform stability has decreased workload and allowed for the digital team to focus on strategic goals
  • New site architecture supports corporate goal of public access to massive catalog and ultimately selling more products
  • New functionality has supported better Search Engine results
  • Intuitive platform has allowed for faster onboarding