Project Management Organization (PMO) for a Managed Healthcare Company

The largest for-profit managed health care company in the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, with over $85 billion in annual revenue, desired to advance the maturity of their Portfolio Management Office (PMO) to better support long term business goals and objectives. 

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Client’s Challenge

The PMO often found itself in a position of reacting to the program management needs from the business rather than developing a longer term understanding of key business drivers and building strategic plans to grow and mature their resources, skillsets, and technologies to best to support the future organization.  Realizing the need to employ a more strategic approach to maturing their PMO, the client decided to seek out providers who could assist in the development and execution of a strategic plan.   

Impact Maker’s Solution

Two-Pronged Solution

1) PMO Maturity Transformation

  • Developed multi-year PMO strategic plan aligned to industry influencers (internal and external) and corporate vision/mission. and including key goals and “S.M.A.R.T” objectives.
  • Developed a PM competency model, assessment process and supporting tools. The process was used and the resulting analytics told the PMO leadership that they had great diversity in the skill sets across the PMs.
  • Identified long term organization and department level goals and objectives, and targeted key initiatives in support of those items. Developed roadmaps and metrics to report and track progress.   

2) PM Growth and Development

  • Developed Project Management “Academy” Framework in support of PMO objective to continuously identify, staff and grow project management talent.
  • Created resource supply and staffing models to match project manager requirements/expectations to staffing sources.
  • Created project management course catalogue to provide PMs with guidance and direction on training offerings to support career development
  • Developed guidelines for PM recruiting and performance management

Impact and Results

  • Comprehensive PMO Strategic Plan providing a clear roadmap of key supporting activities/initiatives
  • Clear project management recruiting and performance management criteria/expectations ensuring project manager role/skillset alignment
  • Visibility to internal and external course offerings to effectively guide resource growth and development based on current needs and career goals
  • Overall communications management and workstream integration, including standardized reporting across workstreams
  • Surpassed each milestone for project and ensured that stakeholders remained aligned, informed and within budget
  • Supplemented their existing performance management and career planning approaches that was re-usable, and the outputs were actively integrated into the ongoing management discussions with employees