Community Impact During the Pandemic

Community Impact
May 27, 2020
Impact Makers

This is Our Sweet Spot

If there’s a silver lining to be found in the pandemic, it’s that it has underscored the innate good in people. This was evident in the outpouring of support from both an individual and corporate level. It was clear when google shared that the phrase ‘How to Help Others” was up over 3600% by the last week of March. And chances are, you’ve seen it firsthand in your network or in your favorite brand shifting its focus towards philanthropy over the last few months.

As a company designed to support the community, the pandemic has exacerbated our interest in helping, too; being able to leverage our expertise to ‘do good’ is our sweet spot. We’ve continued our history of philanthropic commitment by providing pro bono services to our partners and to additional organizations, as well:

  • We optimized remote operations for one of our partners and ensured staff are able to fully leverage new technologies like Teams and Tableau
  • We provided marketing expertise to support the shift of a formerly in-person event to a virtual benefit breakfast and to drive over $100k in donations through digital engagement
  • We are providing daily technical consulting services to local nonprofits and small businesses in need through IT4Causes

We’re all about impact, so we’ve assembled 20 different ways you can have a positive effect on yourself and others in your community as we navigate the pandemic.

Provide remote services to parents or caregivers who are working from home by reading over video chat.

Organize meals for essential workers. Services like Meal Train can help.

Evaluate and prioritize your online orders to eliminate unnecessary deliveries and mitigate risk.

Donate blood! Visit the American Red Cross online to find a location

Purchase gift cards for recurring services like haircuts to use later.

Organize or participate in a neighborhood bear hunt to entertain children on family walks.

Donate to a local nonprofit. Take a look at our local community partners for inspiration.

Send personal notes to share your appreciation for others.

Offer to help neighbors in need with a grocery run.

Contact your favorite local businesses to see how you can support them.

Purchase gift cards and donate these to essential workers who are risking their health for others.

Smile and wave to others you pass! Build a sense of community to promote mental well-being.

Support a nonprofit organization through donation or virtual volunteering.

Purchase a membership to a museum or arts organization whose doors have been shuttered.

Contact your local homeless shelter to see how you can help them in this high-demand time.

Share important information on public health, business, nonprofit, and individuals’ needs on social, email, etc.

Organize a neighborhood book drive to donate children or adult books to your local homeless shelter.

Draw messages of encouragement in chalk to support the essential workers in your neighborhood.

Recognize that self-care during this unprecedented time is important.

Increase the impact of your purchases by supporting vendors and retailers donating their funds and services.

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