Is your data giving you the business intelligence that you need?

Get your Data ID score and make sure it does.

Trusted business intelligence starts with your Insight Delay Score. Do you know how long it takes your business to deliver true insights from your data? Hours? Days? Weeks? Because that’s what drives your business forward: predictive insights, delivered with speed.

The time between request and delivery is your Data Insight Delay—or, your Data ID score. The lower the Data ID score, the faster you can create trusted business intelligence.

So ask yourself: Do you really even know your Data ID score? 

Impact Makers is here to help with your business intelligence needs. Enter your email to download the Data ID assessment tool created by our expert business intelligence strategists. This roadmap will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your organization’s data management strategy, and identify ways you can turn your data into trusted business intelligence.

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