Impact Report

As we reflect on our community work in 2021, we’re more grateful than ever for the client relationships that have enabled it. The highlights below are truly shared outcomes; our clients who partnered with Impact Makers have driven our philanthropic efforts and allowed us to stand behind our commitment to contribute our profits and equity to the community.





Probono Consulting for Community Impact

The COVID-19 Pandemic has continued to take the heaviest toll on the state’s most vulnerable communities. We’ve been honored to help by providing pro-bono consulting to Nonprofit organizations directly supporting underserved communities in Richmond and Northern Virginia.

The Podium Foundation gives Richmond high school students the opportunity to explore their passion for the literary arts while improving upon essential writing and communication skills. In 2021, Impact Makers assisted Podium in migrating to Microsoft 365 to improve data security, data accessibility, and scalability for the growing organization. The restructuring of files and directories enhanced the organization’s volunteers’ experience, increased the accessibility to Podium’s volunteer procedure manual, and provided admins with the required training to deploy licenses and provide internal support moving forward.                                                                                                                                                  

Family Lifeline
Family Lifeline, one of the oldest non-profit organizations in Virginia, partners with families and individuals to deliver intensive home and community-based services to achieve an equitable, resilient community of safe and healthy patients. In 2021, Impact Makers assisted with strategic planning and provided mentorship and assistance for Family Lifeline’s Human Resources needs. In addition, Impact Makers consultants also served as Visiting Volunteers, regularly meeting with older adults and persons with disabilities to provide companionship, outreach, and advocacy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

IT4Causes, a nonprofit who provides stable, secure, and sustainable information technology solutions that enable other nonprofit organizations to focus on their missions and better serve their clients. Over the past year, Impact Makers assisted IT4Causes in supporting these organizations by providing experienced security experts to provide a detailed security assessment for a partner’s environment, SharePoint architecture support to help another partner’s record management, helped develop and deliver a presentation at a nonprofit technology conference, and wrote and published an article in collaboration with IT4C for Cybersecurity guidance for the holidays.

The mission of VAFCC is to support high quality free and charitable clinics so that Virginia’s underserved have access to quality care. In 2021, Impact Makers worked with the association headquarters and multiple clinics to secure discounted products in the Microsoft Azure platform. We then implemented Azure to help gather 13 years of survey, allowing VAFCC to analyze patient trends and provide additional support to clinics in need.

RX Partnership
In 2021, RX Partnership, a nonprofit established to increase access to affordable generic medications, was in need of assistance in their data reporting strategies. Impact Makers helped implement strategies within Tableau to increase efficiencies, improve data literacy with the company’s generated reports, and reduced employees’ manual tasks by creating an automated process to handle the production of multiple monthly reports.             

Client Case Studies

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