Presentations at COV Information Security Conference

2018 COV Presentation: NICE and the Cybersecurity Workforce Framework

Presenter: Eddie McAndrew

The National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) has produced the Cybersecurity Workforce Framework (CWF) with the intent of closing the cybersecurity talent gap. The NICE CWF identifies seven broad categories of security roles which comprise thirty-two specialty areas. Detailed work roles are further defined and the required knowledge, skills, abilities, and tasks required for each role are identified by the framework. Whether you are a hiring manager, an individual looking to grow your career, a student, or a trainer the NICE CWF will help you identify the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform key roles in cybersecurity. This presentation will provide a foundation for understanding the NICE CWF as well as some best practices for using the framework.

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2018 COV Presentation: Enhancing InfoSec through IT Service Management

Presenter: Scott Hammer

Many public-sector organizations want to align with the ITIL v3 Service Delivery Model, and also have goals or mandates to improve information risk management by aligning with various information security frameworks. Far from being separate or complementary goals, improvements in service delivery and reduction of information security risk are tightly linked, as this presentation will outline. The presentation will focus on Service Transition due to the frequent introduction of information risk through poorly-managed service changes and the many opportunities for improvement of service delivery and reduction of information risk through effective service transition management. The presentation will delineate the interdependence of service management and information risk management, identify the key service transition control points for improved service delivery and risk reduction, and will include Service Transition process maps, which we will make available to attendees.

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