IT Consulting Podcast Lewis Broome

Lewis Broome on RVATech Talks

In early May, Impact Makers’ CEO, Lewis Broome, was interviewed to be featured on RVATech Talks – a podcast designed to bring the voices of corporate execs, start-up founders, world-class engineers, and more to the local tech community.

In his dialogue with host Ford Prior, Lewis shares what he’s experienced over the last 20 years in designing, managing, and implementing leading global data management and information technology solutions.

Their discussion includes topics such as:

  • Business climate during the pandemic
  • Why Impact Makers is a different consultancy
  • What it means to be a B-Corp
  • How artificial intelligence and specifically machine learning have impacted businesses
  • Fundamental data practices businesses should follow to fully leverage their data assets and to enable artificial intelligence and machine learning

Listen in as they talk AI, machine learning, data and cloud architecture, data sets, costs, accessibility, cloud migration and more!