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WIT (Women in Technology) Spring Job Fair

Are you looking for a career in the D.C. metro region? Connect with Impact Makers and more than 50 other companies at the WIT (Women in Technology) Spring Job Fair this Thursday, March 21st from 4-7 pm at the Sheraton Tysons Hotel. All job seekers, women and men, are welcome.

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Q&A with Data Scientist Jonathan Kuhn

At Impact Makers, we’re about the people—the impact makers. We spent some time getting to know our Data Scientist Jonathan Kuhn, PhD., whose stories reflect the past, the present and the future of data analytics. !m: Why is data science important today? Jonathan Kuhn: Twenty years ago, we lacked the computing firepower, methodology and software […]

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AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

Impact Makers is very excited to announce that we recently achieved Advanced Consulting Partner status with Amazon Web Services (AWS).  For reference, AWS is a cloud computing platform that offers over 100 services, and the Amazon Partner Network (APN) is a global partner program, focused on helping professional services firms build successful AWS-based practices. This […]

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rvatech summit data science Mar 14, 2019

Join Us at the rvatech/Summit on Data Science

Organizations of all sizes are tasked to do more with less. That’s why it’s important that IT has innovative strategies to provide meaningful insights to get ahead of the game. Since 1989, rvatech has fostered a network of tech leaders in central Virginia to understand the key IT challenges, the latest trends and solutions. Impact […]

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Inform Decisions with Master Data Management: A Primer

Master data represents some of the most valuable information shared across an organization such as customer, vendor, product, and employee data. It tends to be static and non-transactional in nature, meaning it doesn’t change very often. Master data may also include reference data such as zip codes and U.S. states as part of address data for customers, […]

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Choosing the Best Business Fit for RPA

Robotic Process Automation – using bots instead of associates to perform processing tasks – can be an effective way to increase speed and accuracy while redeploying associates on higher-value processes and projects. RPA implementations are commonplace across financial services and healthcare, as both industries have a disparate mix of non-integrated systems and data-intensive processes. However, […]

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How Low Can You Go? Reducing Data Insight Delay

Across all industries, the race is on for firms to differentiate with data — through data-driven products; enhanced customer acquisition and experience; reduced risk; or streamlined operations (cost-out). C-suite executives have the aspiration and vision to win with data-driven insights, yet most are dissatisfied with the cycles consumed in producing data-driven insights. The time it […]

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My Cloud Journey as an Early Adopter

Ever heard the saying, “The Cloud is just someone else’s computer”? This is one of the many arguments I encountered as I became an early adopter in 2010. While it is technically true, it misses the point: the inherent flexibility and benefits of the “Cloud” maximize the chances of differentiating your company from its competitors, […]

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