Shannon Yeaker, PMP, CISA, CAHIMS - Governance, Risk & Compliance Advisory Services Lead

Spotlight on Women of Impact Makers: Shannon Yeaker – Governance, Risk & Compliance Advisory Services Lead

Shannon Yeaker, PMP, CISA, CAHIMS – Governance, Risk & Compliance Advisory Services Lead

Shannon Yeaker, PMP, CISA, CAHIMS - Governance, Risk & Compliance Advisory Services Lead

Here at Impact Makers, we like to shine a light on the incredible people we are lucky enough to call coworkers and friends. Today, we explore the life and career of an incredible woman who recently earned the distinction of “Employee of the Quarter” (2019 Q2) for her dedicated ambition to serve as a leader on two substantial engagements.

Shannon Yeaker is a dynamic IT professional with extensive experience in information security, control design, risk management, project and process management. Enjoy this chat with Shannon, and learn more about her life before Impact Makers, as well as everything she’s learned as an integral member of our team.

Paint us the picture of your career.

I would include highlights such as information security and risk management, business capabilities via agile (largely in financial services), and a variety of consulting projects in healthcare. I had a very long career at a Fortune 500 financial services company, largely in the IT space in both enterprise functions as well as functions supporting specific departments.

What is your team working on right now?

I worked at a local government agency this year where I was the Agile Coach and Delivery Lead for delivering three data use cases in an Azure cloud environment. Another project I’m working on right now is the Agile Coach and Delivery Lead for driving business capabilities to the enterprise data warehouse for a financial services company.

What is the most exciting thing happening in the cybersecurity industry right now?

I think one of the biggest things is the rapidly increasing awareness of security threats to personal identities as well as a growing understanding of impacts to security in an organization.

Security is not only regulatory requirements, it’s also what it means to you when your digital identity is compromised and to an organization when their data is breached. It’s sad in a way that we have to remember to protect our information, but it’s positive that people are putting more controls in place to stay secure.

It’s on the news with various data breaches and everyday conversation and that’s driving change in a positive direction. Even neighborhood communities using the Next Door email list have transitioned from conversations about local middle school kids throwing stuff at people’s houses to in-depth dialogue about some of these identity protection issues.

What changes have you seen unfold at Impact Makers since you started here?

I’ve seen more rigor where it’s needed. From a governance perspective we have put more process in place such as peer review for the quality of deliverables, making sure we are looking at the forecast against the actuals on projects, and giving more authority to individuals on their teams.

We’ve paired all these awesome things with a renewed dedication to keeping an eye on the bottom line (making sure we are delivering on everything we promise our clients). All of this has not just been rigor for rigor’s sake. Involving people at the project level and other little changes have added up to make a difference and drive higher quality work.

What keeps you motivated to do your job?

I really like delivering value in teams, so what keeps me motivated is just working with really good people and good clients that value my judgment and feedback. I like the people that I work with and work for so they keep me motivated.

I don’t really do the personal motto – I’d have to ask my daughter because she’s the creative one. Maybe it’s just my family that keeps me motivated, my husband, two kids, and my three dogs.

Do you have any advice for prospective candidates, looking to join the Impact Makers team?

I would say be patient, you’re not going to learn everything day one and you’re going to make mistakes – you can learn from them. Make sure your actions are always benign and assume positive intent from others.

Tell us about one of your talents or traditions.

Every Sunday, I have dinner with my dad, my family, and dogs. My talent is trying to be the most efficient and effective with my time so I can take care of everybody I need to take care of.


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