Are you digitally connected and responsive to your customers?

By Brendon Cornwell, Impact Makers’ Digital Practice Lead on3

We live in a society that is “ON” 24/7 and where we are constantly connected to each other, our devices and the world around us. Our expectations of that connection is greater than ever – we are willing to trade information about our friendships, buying habits, physical well being and even location, but in return we demand quality, convenient, and consistent experiences. This means that we don’t give the companies we connect with a break when they don’t meet our expectations and we quickly move to find another company that will meet our ever-expanding needs.

Although some companies have risen to the challenge, they often fail because they don’t understand why we use their products or services, which means their user experience fails to meet our expectations. We don’t care about the organizational structure of the companies we interact with, their aging technology stack, or that they haven’t been able to keep up with changes in communication and digital technology.

When companies are slow to digital adaptation and don’t hear the voice of the customer, it opens the doors for digital masters to gain a competitive advantage, and for digital natives to disrupt industries.

Impact Makers works with companies to understand and implement digital transformation. Developing a strategy and roadmap are only the beginning. For companies to transform through digital so they can defend and ultimately expand their territory, they need the tough organizational change management required to cut through silos, the project leadership for transformational initiatives, and the constant measurement and understanding of the impact the changes are making for their organization and most importantly, their customer.