Impact Makers at the Cochrane Summer Economics Institute

On June 23, 2015, Impact Makers’ Vice President Rodney Willett visited with students from the Cochrane Summer Economics Institute to discuss Impact Makers’ innovative business model, B Corporations and the idea of social entrepreneurship.

The Cochrane Summer Economics Institute is a work/study program for rising high school seniors in Central Virginia that gives instruction and exposure to economic principles and the business world. When Rod came to speak to the Institute, the group was learning about business and economic related decision-making. Rod emphasized the growing number of decisions one could make regarding how to set up a company. Where it used to be that one either had to choose a traditional for-profit or non-profit model, Impact Makers and others have proven that there is now a vast range of choices and inventive solutions to choose from to create a successful business and promote positive change in the community.

Rod ended the discussion by posing a question to the rising high school seniors: What kind of business would you choose to create?

Impact Makers looks forward to seeing the innovative solutions and strategies that these future business professionals will invent!

The Cochrane Summer Economics Institute(CSEI) is a five week work/study program for rising high school seniors. The program provides an introduction to economics, business, networking and a variety of job/career choices through a combination of classroom work, community service and internship experiences. Students receive seven days of instruction, including exposure to economic principles and basic financial and business concepts. Classroom experience includes hands-on activities and numerous guest speakers representing successful firms and entrepreneurial efforts in Central Virginia. The Classroom Program from this past summer offers a glimpse into the interns’ classroom experience.