Impact Makers announces entry into professional services market with new business model

Press Release:
Impact Makers announces entry into professional services market with new business model

Richmond, Va. (October 2, 2006) – Impact Makers announced today that they have entered the professional services consulting market with plans to prove a new business model for the industry in Richmond. The social entrepreneurship model, or public-private partnership, will have a powerful impact on the community it supports. All corporate profits, beyond operating costs, are donated to the partnered non-profit organization which will allow the partner organization to devote the majority of resources to delivering their core competency to the community.

Impact Makers’ business model corrects the main flaw in our nation’s current model of non-profit organizations. They are mainly supported by donations and grants and as much as half of their annual budgets, or more, are devoted to fund-raising or grant writing efforts – drastically reducingthe potential impact they would otherwise have on the community they endeavor to support.

Impact Makers’ first non-profit partnership is with Safe Harbor. Safe Harbor is a Richmond-based Battered Women’s Shelter. The employees of Impact Makers, as well as the professional services consultants they employ, are paid market wages and the firm’s clients pay market rates for their services. The profitable revenue generated is first utilized to compensate employees and support operations and growth. After taxes are paid, rather than simply making the potential owner of the consulting firm more wealthy or enriching the firm’s shareholders, the profits are utilized to enrich the community in which the firm’s clients, employees and consultants live and work each day. Safe Harbor, and additional Richmond non-profit organizations, will be more effective in supporting the needs of the community and will rely less on the community it serves to support their services.

Impact Makers will be the only consulting firm operating in Richmond to utilize the public/private business model allowing such close participation with the community. They will also be the only firm in the private sector to give all their profits to our much needed non-profit organizations. Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Michael Pirron, said: “I began planning this over ten years ago, while working abroad for Andersen Consulting. Bringing this new business model into the Richmond market couldn’t be more exciting for me. I’ve seen similar models work successfully in other parts of the world—it’s time to bring that successful model to Richmond.”

The social entrepreneurship movement has gained momentum in recent years and has made new ventures like Impact Makers possible. Co-founder and President, Steve Wilson, said: “We offer a truly unique business opportunity that allows our clients, employees, non-profit partners and our community to all win simultaneously. Our hope is that our success will inspire other local businesses to consider utilizing our model to create a positive impact on the Richmond community.” As Impact Makers grows, their Board of Directors will select additional local non-profit organizations to partner with and support in delivering more social services to the Richmond area.

About Impact Makers

Founded in October 2006, Impact Makers, Inc. is a non-stock, not-for-profit venture with headquarters in Richmond, Virginia. The company is focused on providing professional services consulting needs to the local, national and international business community. The company is located at 2318 Stuart Avenue, Richmond, Virginia 23060; (804) 212-5056; fax (703) 832-5551; e-mail:; internet: