Impact Makers Supports Future Leaders in Project Management (FLiPM) Scholarship

Making an Impact

Impact Makers’ newly created partnership with Future Leaders in Project Management (FLiPM®) has created opportunities for a newly graduating senior.  Impact Makers sponsored the $1,500 scholarship for the 2013 graduating class from Highland Springs Technical Center.  FLiPM® is a non-profit organization based in Henrico County, VA for the purpose of providing project management training to our youth to empower a workforce of competent, well trained, professionally certified employees upon high school graduation.

FLiPM President Jennifer Romero-Greene, Scholarship Recipient Victor Aguirre, and Impact Makers Board Member Josh Dare
FLiPM President Jennifer Romero-Greene, Scholarship Recipient Victor Aguirre, and Impact Makers Board Member Josh Dare

The program is an integrated curriculum with classes beginning in the 8th grade and culminating in a senior capstone class preparing them for Project Management Institute’s Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) examination upon graduation.  Henrico County Public School’s (HCPS) Career and Technical Education (CTE) embedded project management into the Virginia 21 Workplace Readiness Skills (WRS) by partnering with FLiPM® last year.  Dr. Mary Eckert, Educational Specialist for HCPS along with Jennifer Romero-Greene, President of FLiPM® won a 2012 National Association of Counties (NACo) Award for this innovative and remarkable pilot program.  Dr. Eckert said “This program is a huge win-win-win!  It is the student, parents, community, and employers who benefit.”

Impact Makers not only contributed to the scholarship, but also volunteered hours going into the classroom and interviewing candidates for the scholarship.  Impact Makers Dean Jadlowski, PMP Senior Consultant worked with Mrs. Romero-Greene, and shared his experience in project management with a classroom of 8th graders at Fairfield Middle School.

  • “Working with FLiPM students, their teacher, and Jennifer Greene, has been rewarding.  I shared an experience managing a complex project that required specialized skills from roles like marketing, process design and technology.  “It is great to know that students in Virginia are being exposed to project management as a career path.  This is a good sign that the educational system in Virginia is responding to industry trends and equipping students with skills to jump right into the workforce.”

Impact Makers Deborah Lepiece, Testing Analyst, participated by interviewing the applicants for the scholarship.  The interviews asked student’s about what they learned in project management along with their future plans.

  • “I was struck by the depth of the program’s value after listening to multiple scholarship candidates describe the incorporation of the concepts in their mundane tasks and volunteer work. For these candidates, the program fostered their leadership skills and their positive vision of opportunities beyond high school. They appeared to take their future seriously and with an impressive level of maturity.”


The winner of the Impact Makers $1,500 scholarship was Victor Aguirre. He is very thankful and appreciative of the opportunity and plans to attend college this fall. Victor’s family taught him about helping others and giving back to the community.

  • “College is my big priority right now and loans are considered my biggest enemy at the moment with this tough economy. This scholarship is going to be a huge help to continue on chasing after my dreams and maybe one day becoming a business major.  My goal is to learn important trade skills, major in business and create my own business.  I will give back to my community by providing jobs to people who did not have the opportunity to study or were not able to attend college and maybe play a small role in bettering the economy for my children and generations after.”

Impact Makers Board Member Josh Dare was present at the awards ceremony on June 10th.

  • “Talk about making an “impact?”  The scholarship was literally the difference between him being able to continue his studies and staying home.  He is a sweet kid, and by all accounts a hard worker and a deserving recipient of the award.”


Great job to all the volunteers and to Carl Miller, President Impact Makers for creating this partnership with FLiPM®!  For more on the program, please visit


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