B Lab Recognizes Founding B Corps on their 5th Anniversary

The Founding B Corps were recognized by B Lab at the annual 2012 B Corp Champions Retreat in Half Moon Bay, CA. This year marks the fifth anniversary of Certified B Corporations. B Lab presented special plaques to the founding members. The plaque states:

“Impact Makers

As a Founding B Corporation,

You saw that a cathedral could be built where others saw nothing.

By Signing the original Declaration, you created the first ripples that signaled to the world what matters most is our Interdependence.

By acting individually and collectively, you launched a powerful movement for all of us to be the change we seek in the world and redefine success in business.

For your leadership, we are grateful.

With deep appreciation on our fifth anniversary,

The Community of Certified B Corporations”

Founding B Corp 5 anniv plaque-sm