Honored by Lenovo as a 2016 “Difference Maker”

Lenovo proudly featured Impact Makers on Forbes.com for being an innovator in the for-profit space, dubbing our company one of 2016’s “Difference Makers.”

“What if the typical philanthropic model was turned inside-out, and for-profit companies made it their business from the start to donate all their profits to charity?”

Sounds revolutionary, right? That’s exactly the model that our company was built on and the engine that powers our success and continuing social impact.

“Impact Makers maintains an enviable “triple bottom-line” business model, competing on the basis of providing cutting-edge technology solutions to its clients, directing the fruits of its success  to doing social good, and providing meaningful purpose to its employees.”

It’s an honor to be featured and we hope that coverage of our business model like this inspires the next Michael Pirrons of the world, across many industries to come.