Impact Makers presents first partner donation to Safe Harbor

Press Release:
Impact Makers presents first partner donation to Safe Harbor

Richmond, Va. (October 13, 2006) – The CEO and Founder of Impact Makers, Michael Pirron, and President and Co-Founder Steve Wilson today presented the first donation to its non-profit charitable partner, Safe Harbor, an organization for victims of domestic violence.

Impact Makers – a start-up consulting firm specializing in Information Technology, Management, and Web Design and Development – intends to continue with monthly donations to Safe Harbor through 2007.

“The idea is to provide Safe Harbor with a sustainable recurring income,” said Pirron at Safe Harbor’s central office in Richmond. “That way they will be able to focus more on providing services to the community rather than spending valuable resources to raise funds or write grants.”

Safe Harbor’s relationship with Impact Makers is based on a unique business model used by the consulting firm. Impact Makers is a not-for-profit company that competes in the for-profit marketplace. However, Impact Makers is different from the competition because it gives all its profits to charity.

After covering for expenses that include operating costs, competitive salaries, and expenditures that will help the company grow, Impact Makers gives 100 percent of its remaining profits to Safe Harbor. Impact Makers plans to keep giving its profits to Safe Harbor until it meets the federal limit. At that point, the Board of Directors at Impact Makers will select another local charitable partner based on specific criteria. The charities must be:

  • Secular
  • Apolitical
  • Organized to help people help themselves and improve their lives.

Pirron and Wilson presented the donation to Shannon Heady, Executive Director of Safe Harbor. Heady invited them both to present the Impact Makers’ concept and partnership to Safe Harbor’s Board of Directors on November 16. For more about Safe Harbor, visit

Founded in October 2006, Impact Makers, Inc. is a non-stock, not-for-profit venture with headquarters in Richmond, Virginia. The company gives all its profits to a non-profit charitable partner and focuses on providing Information Technology, Management, and Web site consulting services to local, national, and international businesses. Impact Makers is located at 2318 Stuart Ave., Richmond, VA 23060; (804) 677-3442; fax (703) 832-5551; and E-mail: