!m-ers Run 5K to Support PRAI’s Amazing Work

A goup of Im-er’s ran hard to support a great cause this weekend and the event was a massive success. The goal for the (first) annual PRAI 5k was to raise $100k and at last count there was over $170k!

PRAI is an organization that is advocating on behalf of Virginia families who suffer from pediatric auto-immune neuropsychiatric syndromes. They provide emotional and social support, invest in data-driven research and education, and raise awareness in the community. The run this weekend was aimed at raising awareness and much needed research funds.  It was a fun time and I’m so glad Impact Makers was able to get out there, have some fun, and show our support. PRAI was adamant that anyone could “walk, crawl, or run to the finish line,” and we did a bit of all three.

Be sure to learn more about the great work this organization is doing. We can’t wait for the next opportunity to help!