Our “Wintern” Kaylee Ann Shares What She Learned

I had the pleasure of serving as a “Wintern” for Impact Makers over my Winter Break. My name is Kaylee Ann Shwartz and I am a freshman at James Madison University. I was ecstatic when I was offered the ability to work with the Marketing department.

Impact Makers is a founding B Corp, which means they are dedicated to using business as a force for good. They give 100% of their net profits back to the community, a detail that really stood out to me and drew me to the company. On my first day, as soon as I stepped through the doors of their new and improved office, I instantly knew I was going to love working there. All the employees were quick to introduce themselves, asking me about my majors, how college was going, and showing genuine interest in the work I was going to be doing for Impact Makers. I immediately jumped into a variety of projects, from writing proposals and social media posts to developing a presentation on research I did on social media. I even attended important meetings, which broadened my knowledge of marketing, finance, and the inside workings of a company.

My internship was challenging but I appreciated that it pushed me. I spent hours on each assignment, writing, rewriting, and researching. My mentor, Jillian Wood, provided me with tips and encouragement. She continually checked in with me, making sure I was on track and answering any questions. I learned that there is a huge business side to Marketing and how to balance creativity with what the consumer wants.

I am a big proponent for non profit work, and being an intern at Impact Makers allowed me to be assured that everything I did served a higher purpose than just fulfilling a quota and paying a salary. It was a blessing to walk into an office filled with like-minded people who cared about my success and encouraged me in the work that I was doing.

As I return back to college, I feel confident to continue down the path I am on. Having the opportunity to grow my knowledge in Marketing not only improved my skill set, but also emphasized that the career I have chosen is right for me. Thank you, Impact Makers, for allowing me to be a part of your community loving, fun-filled, hardworking company!