Philanthropy Hour Features Impact Makers

On May 19, 2015, Philanthropy Hour featured Impact Makers CEO Michael Pirron and VP Rodney Willett in “An Unprecedented Business Model for ‘Stakeholder Capitalism.’” Philanthropy Hour is a podcast by Greg Cherry, who interviews philanthropic leaders and social change makers. The highlights include:

  • How Impact Makers achieves its vision of a Triple Bottom Line.  (4:00)
  • How they came to be the first B Corp in the state of Virginia, and one of the first in the country. (12:00)
  • How they arrived at this decision, and achieved buy-in from all decision makers.  (14:00)
  • How the model works.  (17:00)
  • What the future of B Corporations will look like, and the effect they can have on small business as well as larger, Fortune 500 corporations. (20:00)

Listen to the podcast.