Q&A with Ben the Intern (and future entrepreneur)

Ben Leimberger photo

Ben has had a high level of engagement on the Digital team at Impact Makers. Read below to see what he’ll take away from his time with !m…

Ben, you have been our summer intern here at Impact Makers… Tell us where you go to school and what grade you are you in? 

I attend Deep Run High School Center for Information Technology and I’m a rising junior.  I also play Varsity Baseball.

What you are working on at Impact Makers this summer?

I am working on the analytics for the ImConnect site search, specifically for a client. I develop in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, particularly in the polymer framework.

What experiences helped prepare you coming into this internship?

On my own, I developed my troubleshooting skills by learning app development and programming. Last year, I created an App for Windows phone and iOS called Conform and Conformity, which is a math homework app.  I also developed an App for some doctors at VCU and I’m currently developing a new app, which will be released at the end of this summer.  All of this independent work prepared me for everything involved with researching an assignment and delivering, which I’ve learned is really important during my time with Impact Makers.

What are some favorite moments that stick out for you here at !m?

  • One of my favorite moments was my first standup meeting where I presented my work to the team.  I was just another team member with some pretty amazing developers and it felt good.
  • My first day was impactful and very eye opening… I got to meet with Michael Pirron, Matt Arnone, and the Practice Leads to get a sense of what Impact Makers does.
  • Andy Savage has mentored me. I appreciated that he was very hands-on the first week and then he let me loose on the application. This approach really gave me a chance to figure things out on my own which, in itself, is a great learning experience.

Do you think the experiences at Impact Makers have shaped some of your future goals? If so, what are those goals?

Absolutely! Impact Makers has opened my eyes to how much I enjoy development and the design alongside development, thanks to all the freedom I was given with that.

!m has opened my eyes the entrepreneurship part of my personality. I would love to get a degree in Computer Science with a minor/dual major in business. Out of college, I would like to start my own business. The social impact aspect of !m has given me an idea to be mission-driven. Profit should not be the main goal of business and should be secondary to the social impact you can accomplish.

Also, one of my favorite books is Zero to One by Peter Thiel, which has also influenced me to be a mission-driven person.

What level are you in Pokemon Go? And why?

I’m currently floating at a disappointing 7… I began playing a day or two after release; however, I quickly abandoned it due to my phone’s less than optimal battery life. Additionally, I, like many other players, was outraged(!) that Niantic took the “if you can’t fix it, get rid of it” route with the step system. We’ll see how that plays out…

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