Impact Makers presents second partner donation to Safe Harbor

Press Release:
Impact Makers presents second partner donation to Safe Harbor

Richmond, Va. (November 16, 2010) – Impact Makers executives, Michael Pirron and Steve Wilson, have presented their second donation check to the Board of Directors of their non-profit partner Safe Harbor. Safe Harbor is a Richmond shelter for the victims of domestic violence. In a presentation following their second donation, Impact Makers made a commitment to continue monthly donations to Safe Harbor throughout 2007.

The presentation of Impact Makers’ concept, and how the partnership with Safe Harbor fits into the framework of its unique social entrepreneurship business model, allowed the Board to have a dialog with the Founder and Co-founder of Impact Makers. All corporate profits, beyond operating costs, are donated to the partnered non-profit organization, allowing that organization to devote the majority of resources to delivering their core competency to the community.

The basis for this model is a belief in the power of social responsibility. The founders believe that working for a living and working to improve your community with the money your company earns can go hand in hand. This model of business allows employees to use their skills and training to make a market salary while simultaneously making a direct social impact in their local community. Safe Harbor, and additional Richmond non-profit organizations, will be more effective in supporting the needs of the community and will rely less on the community it serves to support their services through donations.

Impact Makers has been successful as the first, and only, business of any kind in Richmond to use this model and the only consulting firm in the nation to create a public/private partnership in the Professional Services industry. They are the only firm in the private sector to give all their profits to our much needed, local non-profit organizations. Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Michael Pirron, said: “I’m pleased our success has allowed us to make this pledge to support Safe Harbor next year. Our presence in the market has generated a great deal of attention from our industry peers, new clients, top consultants, top talent to open new Impact Makers locations, non-profit organizations and the community that has all been overwhelmingly positive.”

With no media coverage to date, and virtually no business development, Impact Makers has five current clients and has just won two additional projects to begin in the coming weeks. With operations in Richmond well underway, Impact Makers has opened a second branch in Virginia Beach. The profits of the new branch will go back to the local, Virginia Beach non-profit community. Board selection and the partner selection process are in progress now. As each Impact Makers branch grows, the Board of Directors in each city will select additional local, non-profit organizations with whom to partner and support in delivering more social services to their community. Co-founder and President, Steve Wilson, said: “The explosive growth Impact Makers has experienced in our first month has allowed us a very early success. Nationally, we’re attracting very seasoned business professionals with our new model and have requests to start Impact Makers operations in a number of locations. In addition to Virginia Beach, I already have interested parties in San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego with plans to go live in Q1 of ’07.”

About Impact Makers

Founded in October 2006, Impact Makers, Inc. is a non-stock, not-for-profit venture with headquarters in Richmond, Virginia. The company is focused on providing professional services consulting needs to the local, national and international business communities with the objective of donating profits back into the local community. The company is located at 2318 Stuart Avenue, Richmond, Virginia 23060; (804) 677-3442; fax (703) 832-5551; e-mail:; internet: