Free Webinar on Careers with Social Impact

Bring Your Passion to a Career with Social Impact

Impact Makers would like to alert our friends and colleagues about an insightful webinar focused on finding a career with social impact. Dr. Mark Albion’s annual worldwide free webinar will take place on December 9, 2011 at noon Eastern Standard Time. Dr. Albion, founder of Net Impact, is an author and worldwide leader in the field of social enterprise. Dr. Albion is a former professor of the Harvard School of Business and has spoken at the White House on several occassions.

During the webinar Dr. Albion will offer simple tools and guidelines to align your inner self to a meaningful, well-paying career. He will teach participants how to:

  • Overcome restrictive beliefs to discover the real you,
  • Realize simple steps to implement positive change almost immediately, and
  • Create a career you are passionate about with significant social impact.

Space in this webinar is limited.  In order to attend, you must register at