Impact Makers and Rx Partnership Speak at Southeastern Council of Foundations Annual Meeting

Impact Makers’ VP of Business Strategy Rodney Willett and Amy Yarcich, Executive Director of our community charitable partner Rx Partnership spoke at the 43rd annual meeting of the Southeastern Council of Foundations (SECF). The event was held November 7-9, 2012 in Charleston, South Carolina.

Rod and Amy participated in a panel discussion, presenting the Impact Makers and RxP collaboration as a model for similar partnerships between for profits and nonprofits. The conference attendees were very engaged because they are trying to find ways to help charities sustain their missions with less reliance upon traditional fund raising. Gina Patrone, one of Rx Partnership’s board members, served as the moderator. It was an inspiring opportunity to share the Impact Makers’ model while presenting in tandem with one of our charity partners.

The Southeastern Council of Foundations (SECF) is a membership association of more than 360 grant makers working together to strengthen, promote and increase philanthropy in 11 southeastern states. To learn more, visit:

Below are details of the session:

Building Equitable Health Care Outcomes: Affordable Prescription Drugs for All 

This focus of this session is to generate a discussion on the importance of health equity in the south. Equitable outcomes are not simply about a moral imperative but the fate of the region rests on our actions to improve the health status of residents and communities. This session will focus on the importance of cost effective prescription drugs.

Anticipated learning goals and take-aways:

1. We intend to focus mostly on “Building and sustaining the mutual and synergistic missions of a social enterprise (Impact Makers) and a nonprofit (Rx Partnership) serving the one of the most compelling needs of our vulnerable populations – access to prescriptive medications.”

2. Impact Makers, a social entrepreneurship venture, demonstrates how a business partnership with a nonprofit can improve health outcomes for low income families.  They are a for profit management and technology consulting company that contributes its profits to healthcare related charities, including Rx Partnership.  With Impact Maker’s financial and technical support, Rx Partnership has helped approximately 38,000 uninsured individuals receive nearly 277,000 prescription drugs.    This is a great example of a public private partnership making a difference for low income families.

3. The driving force is to leave participants with ideas and examples of partnership model that can be replicated to positively move the health care outcomes needle. This should make the case for collaboration between the public and private sectors.

Amy Yarcich, Executive Director, RxPartnership, Richmond, VA
Rodney Willett, VP, Business Strategy, Impact Makers, Richmond, VA

Gina Pitrone, Executive Director, Obici  Healthcare Foundation, Suffolk, VA

Submitted by: Ivye Allen, President & CEO, Foundation for the MidSouth, Jackson, MS