A Start-up Consulting Firm Gives Its Profits Away

Press Release:
A Start-up Consulting Firm Gives Its Profits Away

Richmond, Va. (January 24, 2007) – Impact Makers is revolutionizing the way business does business. This not-for-profit consulting firm competes in the for-profit marketplace and provides high-quality professional services. But it’s different from the competition in one critical way – it gives all its profits to charity.

Sound like a recipe for disaster? Tell that to all the accomplished and experienced consultants and volunteers who have joined the company.

Since its founding in October 2006, the company’s numerous volunteers and ten employees have earned more than eight clients – with more on the way. The company specializes in information technology, management, and Web site consulting services.

“We compete with every other consulting firm for contracts, and we compensate our consultants and employees at market rates,” said Michael Pirron, CEO and Co-founder. “It’s a win-win-win situation for everyone involved. Our clients get first-class service, our staff receives competitive salaries, and local charities get a stream of donations they didn’t have before.”

The first non-profit charitable partner for Impact Makers is Safe Harbor, a Richmond-based organization with shelters and services for victims of domestic violence (www.safeharborshelter.com).

“Our business model addresses the fact that most charities are supported by donations and grants,” said Pirron. “About half their annual budget could be devoted to fundraising or grant writing. These activities take time and effort, and they can drastically reduce the impact that charities have on the community.”

The donations that Impact Makers gives to Safe Harbor are intended to provide the charity with a sustainable, recurring income to help them focus more on providing services.

Steve Wilson, President and Co-Founder, said that his hope is that the success of Impact Makers will inspire other local businesses to consider using the same business model to create a positive impact on the Richmond community. “As we grow, our Board of Directors will select other local non-profit organizations to partner with, and support, in delivering more charitable services to the Richmond area,” said Wilson.

Founded in October 2006, Impact Makers, Inc. is a non-stock, not-for-profit venture with headquarters in Richmond, Va. The company gives all its profits to a non-profit charitable partner and focuses on providing Information Technology, Management, and Web Site consulting services to local, national, and international businesses. Impact Makers is located at 2318 Stuart Ave., Richmond, VA 23060; (804) 677-3442; fax (703)832-5551; and