Impact Makers Takes Part in VCU Grad School Discussion Panel

Press Release:

Impact Makers Takes Part in VCU Grad School Discussion Panel

Richmond, Va. (March 16, 2007) – Michael Pirron, CEO and Founder of Impact Makers, was one of four panelists of entrepreneurs taking part in a discussion March 16 for a class of students in the Executive Master of Science Degree in Information Systems at Virginia Commonwealth University.

The four panelists spoke from 4:30 to 6:15 p.m. about the formation of their companies and how it related to and involved the field of Information Technology.

“The IT consulting industry has low barriers of entry for businesses,” said Pirron. “You don’t need a lot of capital to start an IT consulting business. That’s partly why we were able to begin pioneering our new business model in the marketplace with only $50 in the bank.”

Impact Makers was founded in October 2006 as a not-for-profit IT/Management consulting firm that gives all its profits to designated charities. The firm operates like a for-profit firm in that it seeks to maximize revenues, pay employees market wages, cover expenditures and pay taxes. However, since the firm has no owners or stockholders, the firm’s volunteer Board of Directors can distribute its profits to designated charities. Impact Makers’ first charitable partner is Safe Harbor, a shelter for victims of domestic abuse (

“There’s nothing else like us in the marketplace,” added Pirron. “We hope that other businesses adopt our unique business model so we can all give more back to the community. We give Safe Harbor monthly donations so they can depend on a recurring income and focus more on providing services to the community.”

Pirron added that he has seen a lot of interest from academia and charities as well as from local, national, and international businesses. “We’re just like any many other start-up IT businesses – just with a twist,” said Pirron. “However, we still have to earn business by providing consistently exceptional service.”

Students asked panelists many questions. “None of us at Impact Makers will get rich,” continued Pirron. “But our employees get the extra satisfaction of knowing that they are helping a local charity by going to work each day and enjoying the work that they do. Our clients feel the same way, and society benefits by finding a new way to transform economic value into social value.”

Founded in October 2006, Impact Makers, Inc. is a non-stock, not-for-profit venture with headquarters in Richmond, Va. The company gives all its profits to a non-profit charitable partner and focuses on providing Information Technology, Management and Web Site consulting services to local, national and international businesses. Impact Makers is located at 2318 Stuart Ave., Richmond, VA 23060; (804) 677-3442; fax (703) 832-5551; and