[VIDEO] Impact Makers travels to improve data collection for Midwives for Haiti

This fall, Katy Dynes and Jessica Clatterbuck had the amazing opportunity to travel to Haiti and implement a new data collection app with the midwives and staff at Midwives for Haiti.

The problem: As they visit and help pregnant Haitian women through pregnancy and childbirth who have little to no access to  health care, MFH staff and midwives have always collected their data with pen and paper. This presents several hurdles in doing their jobs. Not only is it difficult to track and a struggle to perform daily tasks, but relying on paper makes it difficult to understand MFH’s impact on maternal and infant mortality in Haiti, and in certain areas in Haiti. This is a problem in their strategy, as well as in fundraising.

The solution: Impact Makers, along with Brittany Tusing at MFH, designed a data collection app called CommCare. To implement the app, !m sent Katy and Jess to Haiti, along with a suitcase of brand new tablets. The goal was to train the staff and midwives and oversee a smooth implementation of this new data collection system. This was a success! At the end of the trip, the midwives lovingly told Katy and Jess: “We don’t need you anymore!”

See the story for yourself: