Advanced Analytics Marketing Solutions

Think data science and advanced analytics are only for marketers with big teams, big budgets, and big software?

Think again.

As a marketing professional, you see the opportunity: Accelerate value to your business and customers through data-driven marketing strategies and tactics. The industry talks about it. The martech solution providers talk about it. But how do you get started quickly – without a huge software spend and 9+ month implementation project? Impact Makers advanced analytics consulting solutions help organizations accelerate their journey to data-driven marketing with:

Proven Statistical Methods   Technology Agnostic Data Solutions   Customer and Marketing Subject Matter Experts

Impact Makers’ data science and analytics consultants partner with you to answer critical business questions such as:

  • Which customer groups are most profitable?
  • Which prospective customers should we be targeting?
  • What is the marketing next best dollar?
  • Are my current campaigns effective at generating sales or new leads?
  • How to reduce customer churn and drive retention?
  • Where should Machine Learning models be deployed?

Despite the vendor and technology platform hype, these questions and more can be answered with straightforward data-driven solutions. No big spend, big vendor package needed!

Why? The Value Proposition

The most effective data science solution for your company may not require expensive software and an army of PhDs. Quickly enable your marketing team to effectively identify and predict events, trends and opportunities that will lead to customer satisfaction and revenue growth.

  • Increased customer retention and acquisition with predictive behavior competencies
  • Ability to tailor digital marketing efforts to target audience
  • Reduced marketing costs with a heightened understanding of marketing ROI

How? Impact Makers Advanced Analytics Proof-of-Value Solution

Impact Makers enables advanced analytics for large and small enterprises – leading full-fledged customer data unification projects, and targeted, proof-of-value engagements.

Our POV Solution focuses on gaining quick wins with advanced analytics. We partner with you to determine the business priorities that tailored data science can most readily impact, select open source software accessible to your team, and develop accurate, interpretable models that deliver immediate business value.

Data Driven Marketing Solutions

POV and other data driven marketing solutions may include:

customer data unification icon   predictive data modeling   at-risk customer churn icon   customer profitability analysis icon   product analysis icon   data mining and pattern recognition icon   visualization and dashboards icon

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