People and Change

I’ve invested heavily into my organization’s project solution, but how do I ensure that big change isn’t a flash in the pan? What happens if leadership and employees go back to the old wild-west mode of operation? How do I usher my organization through a massive change in management?

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Making Big Change Stick

Our People and Change services are designed to provide strategy and support your organization through any type of change: technology, process, role or organizational. We work with you to create and implement results-focused approaches to realize your specific business objective

Our services are scaled to meet your unique needs — from designing your change management strategy and/or executing for specific projects to growing your organization’s change management skills and capabilities.

What to Expect

  • Certified advisors with a practical understanding of diverse organizational development and change management practices.
  • Experience driving high-impact change within industries such as Healthcare and Financial Services, and across large transformations, such as IT delivery acceleration, and business operations performance improvement.
  • A structured approach for leading and managing change
  • Well-known change management principles and methodologies
  • A flexible and methodology-agnostic framework with tools such as:
    • Change enablement (stakeholder analysis, change impact assessment)
    • Leadership, strategy and process alignment
    • Change management action plan
    • Communications and stakeholder engagement
    • Learning strategy and training
    • Change measurement, monitoring and reinforcement
Custom Management Frameworks

Project management ensures your project’s solution is designed, developed and delivered, while change management ensures your project’s solution is effectively embraced, adopted and used.

Impact Makers integrates top change management and project management frameworks. Our experienced team will help customize the right methodology, from traditional sequential, PMI/PMBOK, agile, process-based and others, for your project and your team.

Ongoing Change Management Capability

Assess and grow your organization’s change management skills and capabilities.

We help you create an environment where individuals embrace change more quickly and effectively. This strategic approach helps build a dynamic organization that can respond to market changes, embrace strategic initiatives, and adopt new technology with less impact on productivity.

Transformation Assurance

Establish a broader set of transformational leadership capabilities that enables leaders to deliver a portfolio of cross-functional, interdependent initiatives to achieve a future vision that fits your organizational culture.

A true transformation from current to future state takes time, and happens one individual, one team at a time. Given size, complexity and culture, we partner with you to design a portfolio of related initiatives to achieve your desired future business outcome. We provide program/portfolio leaders with a broad set of capabilities to be successful, including dynamic coordination, collaboration and communication.

We Made Big Change Stick
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