Cloud Architecture

Ensure operational excellence, security, reliability, scalability, performance, and cost transparency with an optimized cloud architecture.

Cloud Optimized Architecture iconMigrate and modernize your application portfolio and data solutions. Transform your architecture, automate infrastructure, and move to a new technology operating model.

Our architectures can address operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, cost optimization, micro-services, and statelessness to deliver cloud optimized artifacts seamlessly. Cloud optimized architecture enables you to experiment easier, test at production scale, allow for evolutionary and data-driven architectures, and stop guessing about capacity needs.

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Cloud Optimized Architecture
  • Application, Data Analytics, Database Migration & Deployment Architecture
  • Cloud Security & Compliance Architecture - IAM/Identity, API, Data, Application, Ecosystem Monitoring & Response, Crypto, Tokenization
  • Data Migration Pipelines: Bulk, Streaming, (un)/Synchronized
  • Cloud/Hybrid Services Management & Operational Intelligence Architecture
Targeted Solutions Architecture
  • AWS-hosted CI/CD Toolchain
  • Cloud Cost & Billing Management
  • AWS Account Management Structure
  • Cloud Ecosystem Monitoring/Logging/Response
  • AWS Storage/Backup/Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud Management Platform Implementation
  • AWS to Legacy Environment Integrations
  • NLP, AWS Contact Center


Infrastructure as Code in the Cloud & Dev(Sec)Ops


Infrastructure-as-Code in the Cloud & why it matters in Dev(Sec)Ops
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AWS Advanced Consulting Partner
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