Experience Design

How can my brand’s customer experience stay ahead of my audience’s ever-changing expectations? How can I be distinct in the middle of such a crowded industry? How can my organization’s many service offerings and various user habits come together to offer a seamless digital experience?

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Two Ships in the Night

Brands often misunderstand how to engage with their customers.

Customers’ expectations have evolved, but it’s easy for organizations to ignore. This opens the door for those who are consumer-focused, who have gone through just as much transformation as their customers – these are the digital leaders. Our services are scaled to meet your unique needs — from designing your change management strategy and/or executing for specific projects to growing your organization’s change management skills and capabilities.

Becoming an industry-disrupting digital leader requires transformation, but how? All the various consumer-facing digital and physical touch points must align to create a seamless consumer experience, while still meeting business goals and operating smoothly, no matter how antiquated the organizational structures.

Digital and Customer Experience Strategy is the rationale and roadmap for the kind of transformation that brings successful engagement and organizational harmony.

Impact Makers comes alongside companies to create a clear view of the customer and an implementation strategy based on considerations like the current customer environment, ethnographic research, and a vision of the desired journey. These all come together to determine each organization’s particular core needs – What are yours?


Our Focus

Customer Experience

  • Customer experience/engagement
  • Patient experience
  • User experience
  • Product strategy
  • Content strategy

Digital Strategy

  • Enterprise digital strategy
  • Digital assessments
  • Solution architecture
  • Product management
  • Cloud strategy
  • DevOps
  • Analytics

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To truly transform through digital, we also help companies define and implement:

  • Organizational change management, which ensures a non-siloed approach that enables cross-functional involvement in strategy and implementation
  • Project management to support transformational initiatives
  • Data analytics to deliver personalized services, new insights and automation
Patient experience

Patient interactions can (and should) be designed to consistently represent the intended interaction with your health system.

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Many organizations struggle to define it, but the Impact Makers playbook offers an actionable plan to understand PX and significantly improve it.

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Understand Customers

Customer understanding is at the core of any experience strategy. But, what does it mean to understand customers?

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